360 Video Advertising is Better

As someone who works in the 360 VR space, it’s very encouraging to hear the statistics about 360 video advertising and how people like 360 ads better than traditional display ads. But why wouldn’t they? After all, 360 videos and images are such engaging and interesting mediums for people and brands to share their stories. 360 video is proving to be an effective storytelling tool because it gives you the full picture – the full context, of what’s going on around a scene. Also, because 360 content responds to device movement, 360 ads easily catch a viewer’s eye – almost as if they demand attention. And if your company knows how to leverage 360 video advertising properly, your 360 video ads will encourage people to want to experience your ad again and again.

As more empirical evidence supporting the effectiveness of 360VR ads and 360 video advertising comes to light, it’s only a matter of time before more and more brands and marketers at large start leveraging the power of 360 and VR in digital display ads today. Especially when consumers have gone on to say that they like it when brands use 360 and virtual reality because they get to have a glimpse of how to use a product before actually buying it.

But don’t just take our word for it, below are some stats on what people think about 360 video advertising and 360 video in general. And be sure to check back next week for part 2, as we’ll be releasing more stats on how 360 VR advertising performs better than its traditional counterparts.

See an example of a 360 video ad with this Clash of Clans video inside an Advrtas ad unit.

People like 360 videos more than traditional videosDownload Infographic Here


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